NBAA 2017 BACE – Las Vegas

Last week many of us were in Las Vegas attending the Business Aviation Convention, and Exposition. I flew out the Thursday before with my lovely lady wife, so that we could enjoy what Las Vegas, and the surrounding area could offer us, all prior to my Delegate duties at the show.

We packed in an incredible amount of fun, in a short space of time, including seeing Celine Dion, a 600 mile R/T drive up the Extraterrestrial Highway (Area 51), Tonopah, as well as a drive down to below Sea Level in Death Valley. We also took a 1.5 hour chock-to-chock flight in an EC135 owned, and operated by Maverick Helicopters. This flight included a flight into – through, and landing for lunch, all in the Grand Canyon. Our suite at the Bellagio had three bathrooms!! And when Kim flew home on Monday, she was happy to have seen her cousin perform as a headliner in the ‘Solid Gold Soul’ show at Bally’s. With my wife flying Eastbound, Monday afternoon it was back to business for me.

After three solid days of great meetings, lunches, and dinners, I was glad to be flying Eastbound myself on Thursday.

Many people ask me if attending BACE is worth the investment in both time, and money? Well if I tried to see everyone that I did, all separately on individual trips, the money spent at BACE would have to be multiplied by at least 20 times. Therefore it is not only worth it – it would be too costly to not attend.


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