JetBrokers: Ready for Another 25 Years!

Sunrise The Next 25 Years

JetBrokers’ President, Tom Crowell Jr., explains “JetBrokers continues to be one of the world’s largest independent, professional aircraft brokers firms with offices located in the United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland.”

Tom says, “The industry is slowly changing. Originally aircraft brokers were ‘information brokers.’ Now we manage the process – connecting buyers and sellers, negotiating, qualifying buyers and determining the likelihood of a deal closing.”

Building solid relationships – both locally and globally – is part of JetBrokers’ corporate ethos. Our sales executives are active leaders and supporters of local and national business aviation associations, aviation-related nonprofit organizations, flight museums and aviation events. JetBrokers’ culture is built on relationships, sharing our expertise and giving back to our communities.

Vice President Jeremy Cox, says that the location of JetBrokers’ offices is secondary, “People buy from people. Our office locations are dependent on finding the right individual who will represent JetBrokers’ way of doing things with the highest possible professional conduct and unwavering ethics.”

JetBrokers focuses on all executive aircraft whether it’s a light jet, a long-range jet, a turboprop or a VIP-configured airliner. We help our clients buy and sell aircraft. Tom says, “JetBrokers aircraft sales experts have regularly stood shoulder to shoulder with our clients to purchase future delivery positions on new aircraft.”

Jeremy added, “We are truly a global company. Our local representatives have a deep understanding of certification and registration requirements. To obtain the best value for an aircraft, we need to understand the rules in different countries.”

Cox, a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser and Certified Buyer’s Agent (NSCA), added “JetBrokers works closely with our international sales team by sharing best practices in marketing, research and valuation methods. In this rapidly changing market, it is highly important for our clients to provide an accurate valuation when buying or selling an aircraft. JetBrokers knows aircraft values inside-out!”

Tom emphasizes, “At JetBrokers, we perform due diligence when we take a listing. We show up in person, at every stage of the game. We know first-hand what we’re selling We review the records, we oversee the pre-buy; we show up at closing.”

“JetBrokers is unique in the industry,” Crowell added, “in that we are present during showings and demonstration flight, as well as the pre-purchase inspection, to ensure our clients’ interests are protected.”

How important is expert due diligence? JetBrokers has over 10,000 notes on airplanes. Our sales and marketing experts evaluate aircraft values using internal research that evaluates aircraft that may be coming on the market soon as well as public information about the market. You can change an N-number, but you can’t change the serial number.

Knowing the airplane is a key part of knowing the right price. Knowing the market is the other part, and JetBrokers stays on top of the market, analyzing all the key factors, including the logs, the type’s history and current popularity, worldwide inventory, and registry.

Our 25 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge of business aircraft and their market values, is what our clients buy when they hire JetBrokers to buy or sell their aircraft. JetBrokers’ integrity, expertise and exceptional service keeps our clients coming back to us repeatedly, whenever they buy or sell an aircraft.


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A European Whirlwind Hunt

I was again on the hunt for a decent, ‘no issues’ BAe146 for a great client. I left on Saturday, October 21 bound for Bucharest, Romania. I landed in Bucharest around 6PM local, on Sunday night, by way of St. Louis, Detroit, and Amsterdam.

Greetings to my Blog Reader’s. In my seat headed to Bucharest from Amsterdam. I don’t look too bad for the wear, after 17 hours of travel.

Rainy Amsterdam

Hello Bucharest! Arrival into the Henri Coanda International Airport

The views from my Hotel Room

We spent Monday, and Tuesday at Romaero, at the Baneasa International Airport, across from the hotel, auditing this behemoth:

Wednesday, and Thursday we made a quick dash over to the UK to visit a CAMO located at the Biggin Hill Airport. If you need a darn-fine CAMO in Europe, I suggest that you look no further than Mike, and his staff; true professionals:

Terrific view of the London Eye, Parliament, and the Thames; arriving into London – Heathrow on a Tarom A320.

Friday I cam home, and yes, it was still raining in Amsterdam.

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Castles and Kings

Recently I travelled to the United Kingdom to audit for purchase, a charter configured BAe146-200. Unfortunately the aircraft did not pass muster for my client, so the last day there became a ‘free’ day which was used to visit Warwick Castle.

Next week I will be in the land of the ‘legendary Count Dracula’, auditing another BAe146 for purchase. More images shall follow later.


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NBAA 2017 BACE – Las Vegas

Last week many of us were in Las Vegas attending the Business Aviation Convention, and Exposition. I flew out the Thursday before with my lovely lady wife, so that we could enjoy what Las Vegas, and the surrounding area could offer us, all prior to my Delegate duties at the show.

We packed in an incredible amount of fun, in a short space of time, including seeing Celine Dion, a 600 mile R/T drive up the Extraterrestrial Highway (Area 51), Tonopah, as well as a drive down to below Sea Level in Death Valley. We also took a 1.5 hour chock-to-chock flight in an EC135 owned, and operated by Maverick Helicopters. This flight included a flight into – through, and landing for lunch, all in the Grand Canyon. Our suite at the Bellagio had three bathrooms!! And when Kim flew home on Monday, she was happy to have seen her cousin perform as a headliner in the ‘Solid Gold Soul’ show at Bally’s. With my wife flying Eastbound, Monday afternoon it was back to business for me.

After three solid days of great meetings, lunches, and dinners, I was glad to be flying Eastbound myself on Thursday.

Many people ask me if attending BACE is worth the investment in both time, and money? Well if I tried to see everyone that I did, all separately on individual trips, the money spent at BACE would have to be multiplied by at least 20 times. Therefore it is not only worth it – it would be too costly to not attend.


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How About This For Breaking News at JetBrokers?

Please forgive the old image of Me, Tom Crowell, Jr., and John Merry taken on the exhibits floor at an NBAA BACE several years ago. I like the picture so I wanted to share it with you. Boy, do we look young, and clean-cut here!

The breaking news that I want to share with you now, is that we have a JetBrokers News Blog, and this is my first posting!

From time-to-time all of ‘we’ JetBrokers will be posting pictures, videos, short blurbs, and other items that we hope you will find interesting. I am very excited to have this direct connection with visitors to our website.

So, as the old adage states: “Watch this space.”

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